In 1942, exactly on 22nd December, a man had a dream: create a business system to assure customers the absolute reliability of the product used.

The certainty of a technological innovation, technical vanguard, functioning perfection, a distinctive style and a total 360° service in addition to a reliability guaranteed with no comparisons. This man was my grandfather, Arturo Sottocorno, the founder of a perfect business system: FIMER. Today with the same passion we dedicate our strengths to reach all these aims. We are the 3rd generation, started with my grandfather at first, then my mother and now me; during these years we saw Fimer system grow up, developing in international markets and gaining approvals from our customers. This happened thanks to the system renewal by keeping the high seriousness which is certified by our customers every day. A seriousness that means certainty for the future from 3 generations. The warranty that Fimer will support You forever to give you the best.