Products evolution

Fimer welding machines are universally recognized for their state-of-the-art technology and high performance, which is the result of a continuous progress started in 1942 and which is still evolving.

Over the years from the electromechanical technology, focal point of all our production, till the end of the 70s we’ve gradually passed to the Inverter electronic technology. FIMER is the first Italian company who has applied the inverter to welding since early 80s and it’s still a Leading Company applying advanced electronics also to the other business units.

Today our products are particularly oriented to the inverter with innovative solutions in each welding process. Especially the new Symplex series (MIG-MAG process) where we’ve combined extremely compact dimensions with the most advanced technology to make the product the easiest to be used on the market.

When FIMER has approached the PV market in 2007 it has created a product which was completely different from the other products available on the market.

Our target was to design a product which could allow:

  • to be more efficient
  • to produce more energy
  • to be extremely easy to be maintained
  • never to stop
  • to extend the product range with the minimum effort

Considering this premise we’ve created MPS (Modular Power System)

A unique system that ensures:

  • an increase of energy production corresponding to 11%
  • the absence of downtime
  • a very high efficiency corresponding to 98.62%
  • an extremely easy maintenance
  • the possibility to create the widest range on the market

MPS is in fact a power modular system where the inverter’s power is split into conversion submodules which through a smart logic allow the inverter to start producing energy with only 700W PV field, regardless the inverter’s power size, and to stop at the same power.

Thanks to this system the equipment  never stops as the entire power is distributed using a SUPERMASTER/SLAVE logic where each module intervenes in support in case of fault. Thanks to this architecture you will not lose an energy kw.

As the submodule is multiplied ‘n’ times in the machine, then the spare parts list is extremely limited.

During our development the product started with an inverter range for BT connection and galvanic isolation. The evolution has then led to the product development for MT connection up to 1100 kW power and to complete conversion Stations up to  4.1 MW maximum power.