Production Process

Our internal carpentry department is fully robotized.

Thanks to these investment we can boast the most complex and advanced system currently present in Italy. Each operation is computed, the punching, the stock sheet, the bending cells work in an autonomous way without operator, organised in three shifts.

FIMER Group has adopted a fully automatic and robotized internal logistics service.

The main warehouse, with a capacity of 3860 pallet places, works automatically and in an independent way without operators’ intervention, as well as a secondary boxes storage for small parts. Even in this case, 4800 boxes are handled in a completely automated manner.
Thanks to forklift trucks, unmanned and satellite-guided, goods move among various production floors independently. By scheduling orders daily, the system moves to feed steadily the assembly lines by continually providing the finished products to the warehouse.

Even in this department, FIMER is an absolute excellence. The Panasonic lines are able to mount up to 85,000 components/hour with absolute precision.

All the welding process was assured by wave soldering to 3 preheating bodies to ensure a top-level lift tin QUALITY.
Each FIMER card, to maintain maximum durability and reliability over time, after assembly operations is subjected to a rigid process of “conformal coating” where each piece is covered by a special protective resin.
This process is controlled by a completely robotized system.

In addition to all the processes that make us 100% self-employed in the production, Fimer assemblies the finished product and its accessories as well.

By string inverters, central inverters up to the entire 2 MW stations, everything is assembled and manufactured inside our plants.
This guarantees control of the processes and the highest quality finished product. A guarantee that characterized our products for all their cycle of life.

FIMER has been one of the first worldwide company to apply in 1983 such a technology in the field of welding.

Thanks to our experience, we are now producing 100,000 inverter per year guaranteeing maximum inverter
reliability and performance even in the most severe use.

Fimer is the only company which has internalized the Power Stations’ production in his production cycle.

We are indeed the only ones in the market who fully manage own Conversion Units, from raw container to the finished product. This peculiarity has allowed us to gain a leadership position in the equipment utility market providing competence to the entire system,  production flexibility and especially the ability to adapt to customer’s specifications.


Within our research laboratories located at our headquarters in Vimercate (Italy) born every day new products and technologies.
Thanks to the design FW, SW, HW and internal mechanics, we every day check the heart of all our products.. FIMER has an internal division of Service and assistance that guarantees, the reference point to our customers.
The whole process is controlled and monitored since the first demand. Timing is scanned in order to reduce
the response time to the client.

Company’s logistic is completely automated.

Starting from approval to dispatch handling is fully committed to a series of robots for verification, storage and transport reducing to ‘0’ the human error. Warehouse area is therefore composed of a loading and unloading area where 5 monorail shuttles carry the goods inside and outside the warehouse. Storage area is divided into two areas: pallet storage to store bulky material and boxes storage to store small material and small parts. Everything is completely managed and handled through 4 stacker cranes that store the material up to a 22 meter height. Instead in the production areas material is transported by laser guided carries without operator. During each process handling step products are severely checked in order to avoid any possible human error increasing the product’s quality and process efficiency.