Solar Division


In 2007 FIMER decided to take up a new challenge establishing the FIMER INVERTER FOR LIFE division where it could exploit the skills acquired in other  markets, where it already operates successfully.

The winning ingredients that characterize the inverters are: full compliance with regulations concerning protection and connection to the grid (synonymous with safety), the possibility of using the products with any type of photovoltaic panel (guarantee of use versatility), the accurate choice of materials and supervision of design and production processes according to the ISO 9001 standards (certainty of product’s robustness and reliability), high conversion efficiency (for a certain profitability and constant over time).

EN 61000-3-12 = livelli massimi di distorsione armonica


0126/1/1: dichiarazione conformità allacciamento normativa tedesca

DK 5940: conformità alle normative di allacciamento ENEL

FACTORY INSPECTION: European Efficiency measurement of photovoltaic power converters

CONFORMITY TEST STATEMENT: CEI 0-21:2012 + V1:2012 + V2:2013 “Reference technical rules for the connection of active and passive users to the LV electrical Utilities” VDE-AR-N 4105:2011-08 “Power generation systems connected to the low voltage distribution networks”

CEI 0-16: DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY alle prescrizioni della Norma CEI 0-16: 2012-12 (III Ed.) + EC1:2013-05.

CEI 0-21: STATEMENT OF CONFORMITY CEI 0-21:2012-06 + Ec1:2012-06 + V1:2012-12.

 ROMANIA CONFORMITY TEST STATEMENT: ANRE Grid Code – “Technical conditions of connection to the power networks of public interest for photoelectric power plants” – Official gazette of Romania, Part I, no. 312/30.V.2013 – Chapter V, Art. 8 – “LOW VOLTAGE FAULT RIDE THROUGH requirements”