Control Solar Simulator

SOLAR SIMULATOR allows you quickly finding out how much Energy could be produced by your plant and thanks to a calculation on the investment it will allow you visualizing in a simple and easy way which will be your economic return.

The calculation of the produced energy depends from many different factors: irradiation of the place, roof orientation, panels inclination.
SOLAR SIMULATOR will automatically calculate for you all the parameters and, thanks to the information you will supply about the investment it will give you the calculation of the estimated profit you will get from your plant.
The only thing you will have to do is introducing the dates that you already know as the roof surface, the Dimensioni of the plant and the costs offered to you. SOLAR SIMULATOR will do the rest of the job for you. SOLAR SIMULATOR for PC has been specially designed for the calculation of yield and investment directly from your PC. Withinteractive maps and orientation, SOLAR SIMULATOR for PC will calculate automatically all the parameters for you.