Pv Power Plant

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The Generation Power Plant has basically two levels of regulations:
  • Low voltage inverter level, performed directly by each inverter;
  • POC level, performed by Power Plant Controller (following PPC).

Below a block diagram scheme that shows how are performed these regulations:

pv-power The PPC Block receive command / point of functioning directly from grid provider.
PPC, through the measures on POC, realize the control loop to adjust the setpoint values given from Provider.
PPC is in communication with all inverters and define the point of functioning of everyone.
It’s necessary to have the following data to develop PPC and customize it for the Plant:

  • The protocol communication with Provider Substation (red arrow)
  • The protocol communication with the analyzer on POC (green arrow)

These two customizations have to be quoted differently by Commercial Office.

RT2014-0515a REV00 Plant Controller Description (Download File 1.75 Mb)