Is a programme that has been specifically designed to CONFIGURE AND DIMENSION PHOTOVOLTAIC PLANTS. The programme includes an extra five sections, each one on a separate page.

Use the ‘system design’ section to input the following data for the type of plant you want to create: client data, forms, module interconnections, roof inclination, etc. The minimum and maximum number of permissible strings for the chosen configuration is set to default. Furthermore, depending on the type of installation, the programme will recommend the temperature of the modules for the project that requires calculation. In short, you can set both the number of the modules for each string and the maximum temperature of the modules you need to configure.

Your inputted data is controlled according to the following maximum values:

  • Minimum voltage MPPT
  • Maximum voltage MPPT
  • Maximum open circuit volatge
  • PV generator current
  • Output power of the generator

FimerSunBuilder_setup (Download file 2.40 Mb)