Advanced solar inverter technology helps SENA expand solar homes in Thailand

Adoption of solar rooftop technology is allowing villagers to reduce the energy taken from the grid and lower the cost of their electric bills

Over the past three years, ABB collaborated with SENA Development Public Company Limited, the listed real-estate development company, to pioneer the adoption of solar rooftops for residential projects in Thailand. Starting at SENA Park Ville Ramindra-Wongwaen and SENA Ville Borommaratchonnani – Sai 5, ABB technology is supporting SENA's installation of solar power systems for all villages and condominiums in Bangkok and vicinities.

With continued development of innovative solar power solutions, ABB offers the transformerless single-phase inverters, UNO-DM-PLUS 2.0 to SENA, which can maximize the return on investment (ROI) for residential systems.

ABB was awarded this project by providing 350 ABB single phase string inverters with reverse power protection system, including training and technical support, to the customer.

With its compact and flexible design, these inverters will allow higher performance in a small space and enable integration with current and future devices for smart building automation. In addition, ABB string inverters are compliant with the zero power export regulation required by Metropolitan Electricity Authority in Thailand.

“As ABB is a global leader in innovation technology along with local expertise in after-sales service, SENA entered a long-term partnership with ABB to develop solar power systems for its residential projects. It will be a benefit to both SENA and its customer,” said SENA’s executive director Kessara Tanyalakpark.

Thanks to the proven advantages of residential solar power and ABB’s high-performing and reliable technology, SENA expects to gain more consumer recognition.

“SENA Parkville is the first customer in Thailand to whom ABB has provided solar inverters with an alternative monitoring solution. A cloud-based monitoring system with API communication allows the SENA server to communicate with ABB and obtain most of the production data and systems' status. This enables SENA to develop its own monitoring platform and data analyzing algorithms through which the villagers can monitor and keep track of their daily energy production,” said Nirundorn Chaovanapricha, Vice President, Electrification Products division in Thailand.

Solar panels installed on private rooftops for self-consumption are already popular in Bangkok as well as in various production plants around the country. Owners of factories, buildings, and residences have installed solar rooftops to generate their own electric power and to cut back on energy costs.

ABB’s offerings for residential applications, include string inverters, low-voltage products and energy storage systems which come together to enable consumers to maximize energy harvest and optimize self- consumption while ensuring the installed system is fully coordinated, and compliant, with the local grid.