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At FIMER, the attention to our products and clients is not merely provided before a sale, but above all, after.

warranty If a plant has to last twenty years, every single component must last for at least twenty-one. As the inverter and the Megastation are the ‘heart’ of the plant, it requires much more attention. In fact, it must be guaranteed for the entire life-time of the plant and requires the utmost care to constantly ensure the highest performance.

With this in mind, FIMER has created two dedicated tools:


The warranty extension prolongs the basic guarantee of the inverter for a minimum of seven years, up to a maximum of twenty years. The warranty extension is activated on the date the invoice is issued and will be valid on receipt of the W.E. form at the FIMER offices (included in the packaging of the device or requested from FIMER), which has been compiled in every part and sent with a copy of the invoice, within and no later than 60 days. The conditions of the guarantee shall only be deemed valid under the conditions described in the guarantee conditions clause of the relevant contract.


We believe so much in our products that we guarantee them for the entire lifetime of the plant. The aim of the FIMER periodical programmed maintenance service is to reduce inefficiencies to zero, maintaining the high performance of the converter. With regular programmed visits to evaluate the condition of your plant, you can avoid future inconveniences and hidden costs, which are always present in such long-term investments.These are the guarantees provided by the periodical programmed maintenance service, a service which could be defined as a safeguard for your investment.

A professional O&M service ensures that a particular PV Plant will maintain high levels of technical and consequently economic performance over its lifetime. Nowadays, it is well acknowledged by all stakeholders that high quality of O&M services mitigates the potential risks.

Preventative maintenance

Actions and/or testing and/or measurements to ensure optimal operating conditions of equipment and of the entire PV plant and to prevent defects and failures. Those take place periodically and according to a specific maintenance-plan and maintenance schedules.

Corrective maintenance

Actions taken to correct failures, breakdowns, malfunctions, anomalies or damages detected during inspections, or through monitoring, alarming, or reporting or any other source. The actions are desired to restore the PV Plant back into regular and required operation mode.

Environment Health & Safety (EH&S)

Environment, Health and Safety indicates the activities performed to ensure environmental protection, occupational health and safety at work and on site applicable to staff and visitors according to the national applicable laws and regulations.

Extraordinary maintenance

Actions and/or works performed in case of major unpredictable faults, such as serial defects, force majeure events etc., that are generally considered outside of the ordinary course of business.

Reporting and other deliverables

Deliverables produced periodically, according to requirements detailed in the O&M agreement or following best market practices, including PV plant performance, Key Performance Indicators, maintenance activities and work orders performed, alarm handling, equipment status, warranty handling activities and spare parts tracking and any other Analysis performed in compliance with the O&M contract requirements.

Spare parts management

Activities that ensure availability of the right amount and type of components, equipment, parts, etc. either on site or in warehouses or in manufacturers’ consignment stocks, for prompt replacement in case of failure and/or to meet guarantees under O&M contracts.

Personnel & Training

Operators, technicians, engineers and managers employed for the execution of the O&M activities and training plans/programmes to train them on relevant PV plant related aspects and to keep them continuously updated on their respective roles.

Plant Control

Actions required by the grid operator, for controlling active and/or reactive power being fed into the grid, other power quality factors that are subject to adjustments and/or (emergency) shut down (if applicable).

Plant Monitoring

Overall monitoring of the functioning, energy generation and reference data of the PV plant and its components, which is performed through real-time (web based) monitoring software. The monitoring operates 24h/365d and is fed by in-plant data-logging systems that collects data from different plants as well as by irradiation and temperature measurements from particular sensors and other sources such as meteorological information (data acquisition 24h/365d).

Plant Supervision

The activity to supervise and analyze data provided by the monitoring system which is performed by experienced human resources during daylight hours and managed by one or more control rooms (365 days/year). The reception and qualification of the alarms from the monitoring tool is also considered to be part of the supervision.

Fimer services division is a leader in the provision of general PV services as well as for operation and maintenance services with a global presence.

Fimer’s focus is the supply of a high level of services that meet all the needs and requirements of his clients.

In order to meet with these expectation Fimer’s Service Division core strategy is the customization of its offer throughout the whole life cycle of the project.

Among the services that Fimer is capable of provide we have:

  • Extended warranty
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance
  • Remote Assistance
  • Diagnostics and repair
  • Spares guarantee
  • Training

Extended warranty

Fimer is aware that when its clients purchases an inverter, they are not only getting a reliable product, but also a guarantee that the machine will operate in line with remarkable standards of the product.

Fimer has a 2-year standard warranty, which can be extended for up to a maximum period of 30 years.

With the extended warranty, we can support you throughout the entire life of your inverter, right from day one.


Fimer knows that the startup phase is the most critical moment in the development of a PV Plant and that a positive or negative outcome at this stage can define the future operations and investment of the end client.

For this reason Fimer offers to its clients the necessary support and assistance during this stage and gives them the possibility to carry out this activity directly with a dedicated team of specialized technicians.


Fimer values the investment carried out by its clients, independently on the size of the PV Plant, and for this reason Fimer has structured a technical team of specialized technicians capable of meeting the intervention request of its clients in order to guarantee maximum efficiency and performance of the machines.

Contact us for information and advice on the most suitable maintenance service for your system: From Basic Preventive Maintenance up to the Manufacturer’s Preventive Maintenance.

Remote Assistance

Fimer has developed a machine that can easily be repaired and restored remotely via the support of a dedicated team of specialized technicians who are able to access the inverters remotely and carry out special operations to restore their proper functionality.

All of this can be accomplished without the need to send on site specialized personnel, thus allowing the client to reduce and control costs.

Diagnostics and Repair

In case more complex operations should be needed Fimer can guarantee on-site assistance with a response and resolution time of less than 48 hours.

This activity regard second level activity for which a more specific level of troubleshooting and intervention, that only Fimer specialized technicians, is needed.

In this phase the end client will receive a detailed intervention report which will highlight the activities carried out, as well as components repaired or replaced.

Spares Guarantee

The inverter availability is crucial for the optimum performance of the PV system and in order to guarantees the full availability of all clients PV plant, Fimer recommends a list of inverter components to have available throughout its entire useful life.


Fimer treasures and supports the Client’s desire to grow in technical knowledge via the implementation of specialized training that are structure according to two levels:

First Level Training: which allow the client to operate first level activities, which do not require a specific know how.

Second Level Training: which allow the client to operate second level activities, which do require a specific know how of the inverters and CU.


FIMER is positioned as seventh inverter provider with 2.5GW in operations and production worldwide, according to a HIS survey.

FIMER has extensive experience in operation and implementation of big projects in emerging markets and under the most demanding cultural and environmental conditions.

The scope of Fimer’s O&M Service is determined by it Standard Technical Specifications, which is made of the following activities:

Macro ActivityActivity
Conversion Unit - Inverter Electrical Scheduled Maintenance - planned
CU - Inverter maintenance - corrective
Extraordinary Maintenance (Retrofit)

Fimer is able to provide and structure/customize fully dedicated team for the fulfillment of the above activities and in accordance with the size of the plant.

The General on Site Personnel Structure can be composed of:

Control and HSE Supervisor: he participates in the regular field meetings, ensure local compliance with the day-to-day contract, and participate in the reporting work established by the client.

He will also be the manager of the implementation and daily monitoring in the field of HSEQ group rules. Participate in the preparation of documentation (procedures, records and work orders) and lead and plans the contingencies that may occur.

Maintenance Technicians (Electrical Supervisor and technicians): they will be organized in work groups, formed by a supervisor and a technician who will be responsible for the fulfillment of an annual planning and to take care, if necessary, of the pertinent correctives maintenance activities.

The field technicians will have all the material means, small tool, vehicles and all other necessary means for the correct execution of the planned mechanical and electrical maintenance.

For all personnel involved in the field activities Fimer makes sure that it is employed and hired locally.

FIMER provides a centralized and specialized Operation and Maintenance service from its Headquarters, with the intention of providing a cohesive, standardized and interrelated service with all the plants in which it operates and maintains. This is meant to optimize the resources and to allow the plants to support each other.


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