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Hyperfast Charging Stations®

Our Hyperfast Charging Stations are equipped with 75 kW power modules which allow the charging systems to adapt very quickly to the market's evolution.

At the beginning will be available 75 - 150 - 225 and 350 kW Stations which will be able to channel the present power to a single charging session or to distribute it to simultaneous recharges.

Thanks to modular technology, as soon as the vehicles available on the market will allow it, our Charging Stations will expand to distribute 750 kW each Station.

Particularly concerned with consumer’s safety and installation requirements the Hyperfast range has been designed with a separate power unit from the "utilities".

Therefore the active part of the Station can also be installed in a dedicated technical room or in less accessible places while, on the consumer's site, there’s only the utility with available sockets (CCS – CHAdeMO – Type 2) and the large user's display.

It’s a great advantage in terms of Safety and also the space you need to install the sockets group has been reduced.

The customer will choose whether to install the active part of the Station near the “Utility” group.


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