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Electronic PCB


The production line is composed:
  1. Stazione SCREENER (Process concerning the silkscreen)
  2. Stazione PICK&PLACE (Positioning SMD components)
  3. Stazione REFLOW
  4. Stazione T/UP & REPAIR
  5. Stazione MANUAL & ASSEMBLY
  6. Stazione DOUBLE WAVE

screenerFirst Station


Screen printing is the process first step towards the realization of the final product. The machines ERSA Versaprint, supplied with integrated control systems and automatic cleaning, ensure a high qualitative and productive level.

pickplaceSecond Station

Pick & Place

SMD components are installed in the PCB through Panasonic CM101 machines prepared by our technicians. Machines' integrated micro cameras guarantee the parts' correct positioning in the PCB.

reflowThird Station


After positioning the components in the PCB next phase is remelting through a remelting oven ERSA HOTFLOW.

PCB passes through the remelting oven, previously prepared with personalized thermal profiles for each type of electronic board. Remelting phase transforms the welding paste from "pasty" condition to the "solid" one welding permanently the components on the PCB.


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