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Welding Innovation

welding innovation1 welding innovation2 Cutting-edge technology, high-quality, constant innovation. FIMER welding division has always been known for these features that, for over 75 years, are a quality assurance for the international markets.

Built by the perception of the pioneer Arturo Sottocorno, Fimer preserves the spirit of innovation, attention to details, seeking of perfection passed down from its Founder. This purpose allows us to produce accurate machines in every way and that makes our Mission always contemporary and our products constantly evolving.
Nowadays FIMER offers a range of welding machines able to meet the highest standards, with the certainty of excellent performances, progressive development and compliance with the strictest international and safety standards.

A complete, reliable and rational field, whose perfection relies on the great experience of the brand, but also on a constant and sustained research of the most advanced technological innovations, combined with a production program that emphasizes the predisposition to Inverter technology, applied at the highest standards.

Innovation that respects the environment

In Fimer, moreover, the research, the manufacture and commercialisation of welding machines have got a respectful eye on sustainability, in its broadest sense.: environmental and human resources are the subject of the utmost care. The protection of our users' health is our main concern. The sustainability of the business materialises in Fimer every day in the transparency and correctness between employees, in the well-being of the working environment and in the enthusiasm of all the personnel involved in the production cycle.

This is why By choosing FIMER you acknowledge a conscious and sustainable approach.


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