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Multi-MPPT String Inverter for Decentralized Utility-Scale Applications
PVS 350

The PVS-350-TL is FIMER’s answer to the growing demand of multi-MPPT string inverters for utility PV systems, offering record-high AC capacity combined with a DC front-end optimized for the latest PV modules to maximize the ROI of ground mounted systems based on a decentralized architecture.

Thanks to the record-high capacity and power-to-weight ratio, up to 30% savings can be achieved on transportation and installation costs and up to 15% higher AC capacity for the MV station compared to other decentralized conversion solution available today. This means less stations per MW AC of installed power, with a cumulative saving that may exceed 0.2 Euro cents/watt on a 100MW system.

Why choose the PVS-350-TL?

Lower Capex
Lower Capex
• The most powerful string inverter in Utility (350 kVA); Power to weight ratio > 3kW/kg
• Ultra High-Power module ready (182mm and 210mm cells)
• Supports both Al and Cu Cable; Single core up to 400mm2 and Multicore up to 300mm2
Maximum Energy Yields
Maximum Energy Yields
• ɳMAX > 99%
• 12 MPPT/45A
• PID recovery function
Minimum Opex
Minimum Opex
• String diagnosis through online IV curve analysis
• Maximum Energy Yieds
• Remote firmware upgrade and Multi inverter commissioning
• Fuse free design
Improved Safety
Improved Safety
• DC Series Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter
• Segregated AC wiring compartment
• Supports reactive power at night

The New Utility Era

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FIMER’s new PVS-350 is the most powerful and power dense multi-MPPT string inverter in the solar industry, optimized for decentralized PV system architectures with a maximum efficiency of ɳMAX > 99 percent to ensure the highest energy yield.

Download the data sheet featuring all technical details and complete overview of the PVS-350-TL, our answer for decentralized system architectures.

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