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Plant Viewer for Mobile คือเวอร์ชันมือถือของ Plant Viewer

Plant Viewer for Mobile

ตัวแสดงพลังงาน Energy Viewer สำหรับโรงไฟฟ้าพลังงานแสงอาทิตย์ช่วยให้สามารถตรวจเฝ้าระวังการไหลของพลังงานการใช้เอง และความพอเพียงภายในโรงไฟฟ้าพลังงานแสงอาทิตย์ได้

Plant Viewer for Mobile provides the same easy to use functionality found in Plant Viewer on the mobile device of your choice. Whether you are an IOS or Android user with a smart phone or a tablet; you can now view your plant’s energy information anytime, anywhere. Plant Viewer for Mobile is fully integrated with Plant Portfolio Manager. Plant Portfolio Manager users can manage access and configuration options in one place for both the browser based Plant Viewer or the mobile device based Plant Viewer for Mobile. Plant Portfolio Manager users make one configuration change that impacts all the browser and mobile touch points allowing the same user to view the same plants using multiple touch points at the same time.

Plant Viewer for Mobile can be used with solar power plants managed in Plant Portfolio Manager or managed by users in a stand-alone version of Plant Viewer. The setup for Plant Viewer for Mobile uses same simple three step process regardless of how the plant is being managed:

  1. Download and install Plant Viewer for Mobile from the Apple or Google app store.
  2. Enter in your Aurora Vision user account. Both Plant Portfolio Manager and Plant Viewer user accounts work with Plant Viewer for Mobile.
  3. Walk through the simple Plant Viewer for Mobile tutorial and your done!