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MS 6000 FI

The FIMER MS 6000 Complete Conversion Unit is a Full Integrated MEGASTATION, 40’ cabin, with a power size of up to 5860 kVA.
Full integrated

MEGASTATION is a complete “turnkey” solution for the conversion of the energy produced by large PV installations to electricity which is fed into the MV distribution grid. Thanks to the flexibility of the different power sizes of and to the ease of connection and commissioning, they allow for an extremely fast fast installation.

Maximum efficiency and energy production, with reduced service downtime, thanks to the inverter designed with MPS architecture

FIMER MS 6000 FI MEGASTATIONS maximize the efficiency and performance of a solar park thanks to the use of FIMER R series central inverters, with a modular power architecture (Modular Power System, patented by FIMER). By using FIMER modular inverters within the MEGASTATION, it is not only possible to maximize the efficiency and performance of the system, but also to reduce the downtime. Our service is also extremely rapid and always available to easily restore the malfunction occurred to your conversion station. Therefore, the Modular Power System guarantees the production of energy. Partializing the full power of each inverter, even in case of failure, your solar installation will never stop producing energy. The other power converter modules will continue to function and compensate for the production.

… and many other advantages

Flexibility and scalability of the configuration.

A wide and complete range of power.

Since it is directly manufactured and tested at the factory, installation time is reduced and the assembly at the plant is avoided.

Differentiated management of the photovoltaic generator and optimization in sub-field.

Designed in such a way as to be easily serviced periodically thanks to the easy accessibility of all installed devices.


  • External Dimensions [L x H x W]: 12.192 X 2.591 x 2.438 (mm)
  • Apparent power AC: 5600 kVA
  • Max voltage AC side: up to 40,5 kV
  • Power Transformer: 2 x 2.850 kVA Indoor
  • Very compact and extremely robust design
  • Complete PLUG & PLAY solution
  • Tested and assembled before delivery
  • Modular and scalable power size
  • Fully waterproof and insulated to last in time.
  • High reliability to ensure low maintenance is required
  • Fixing of all devices at the native structures of the container guarantee the maximum stability of the station
  • Complete range of standard equipment, with customizable options available upon request