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Installer for solar inverters

installer for solar inverters

The new professional Installer for solar inverters mobile app allows installers of large-scale solar plants to complete the commissioning of multiple inverters in a very fast and intuitive way. This mobile app allows a single installer to finalize the commissioning of up to 50 inverters at a time with a saving of up to 80% of commissioning time.

Multi-inverter FW update, network forming capabilities and secured access to the app by any valid Aurora Vision account give the Installer for solar inverters the title of essential professional tool for commissioning any modern solar plant.


  • Claiming inverter via QR code scanning or selection of inverter’s Wi-Fi SSID network
  • Up to 50 inverters commissioned at a time
  • Network forming and FW update
  • Intuitive installation wizard
  • Works on iOS (version 8.x or greater) and Android (version 4.x or greater)