We build the sustainable future we want to see, together with our customers.

The transition to a new solar era is already on the way, a direct consequence of the increase in the world population and energy demand. The daily challenge we face with our skills is to contribute to the achievement of the global community objectives building a sustainable future.

Global target for a new energy era


Global energy demand by 20401 Global investments in renewable energy expected by 20401 Investments in 2040 for renewable energy allocated to the installation of solar systems1 EU energy demand from renewable sources by 20302 CO2 emissions in the EU by 2030 vs 19902
+58% 7.2 trillion dollars 50% 32% -40%

1 Bloomberg New Energy Outlook

2 Framework 2030 EU

The UN has set a zero emissions target for 2050. target.

The solar touch

GW Solar PV capacity installed
electricity could be the central energy carrier
rise of the world’s total power capacity by 2024
of this rise accounts through Solar solar PV

*IEA Renewable report

*IEA Outlook 2019

*IRENA 2020

Our Zero Impact Headquarter

The technology we use to help our customers build a world that relies on responsible energy comes from a place where environmental respect is an absolute value, not just a market trend. 

Our headquarters in Vimercate (Italy) are designed to set an example: a 1 MW solar system, highly sustainable materials and the best technologies in the field of geothermal energy.

Solutions leading the way

We work every day to improve our solutions, providing customer support and developing new technologies that respond better and better to the challenges of the future. Thanks to the continuous evolution of our offer, our inverters guarantee such high yields that they produce more energy than the market average. In the e-mobility sector, our research and development activities concentrate – among other projects – on the creation of an Ultra Fast 350 kWh charging station: a step forward that promises to revolutionize the market.

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