The future is solar. Welcome to FIMER – where we turn passion into future.

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"Every day I experience how my passion can change the world"

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We are one of the world leaders in the market for solar energy solutions, an international team of future builders who invest skills and passion for a common goal: to offer the world clean and accessible energy.

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As a global leader in solar inverter technology, we have the aim to make positive change happen.

Why choosing FIMER?

Today, the demand for clean energy has reached unprecedent. You can be one of the protagonists of the solar revolution and with your work, build, day after day, a new way of living and interacting with the environment.

According to the forecasts of the IEA (International Energy Agency), renewable energy sources will cover 30% of electricity needs by 2030. Among them, solar is the energy source with the highest growth rates. You will be able to guide the development of a strategic sector in full growth.

The solar sector is experiencing a moment of great evolution. A lively and multicultural environment, providing stimuli and enhancing skills is waiting for dynamic and enterprising people. Our headquarter in Vimercate is an avant-garde structure, which perfectly embodies the corporate spirit.

We are a global company present in over twenty countries on all continents. We constantly improve our solutions by perfecting our skills with continuous training and following technological development. With passion, building the energy of tomorrow, you will be able to shape an international career that supports your skills.

Who we are looking for...

Our solutions are protagonists in some of the largest and most important projects in the solar energy sector and, at the same time, guarantee clean energy for the businesses and family homes around the world.

Our commitment is to be innovative, efficient and reliable. We constantly challenge the status quo.  We want team members who dare to be brave and want to cross boundaries for a more sustainable future.

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