FIMER offers one of the largest residential portfolios currently available on the market, which includes a line of single-phase string inverters and energy storage solutions for photovoltaic (PV) systems installed in residential solar buildings.

The products guarantee a quick and easy installation, while offering an efficient and smart energy management.

The offering is complemented by a line of AC charging systems for private indoor or outdoor use, updated with the highest connection features (available soon) and ready to fit any household need.

All our wallboxes can be easily installed in any residential application, ensuring high standards of security and functionality.

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Now available, the Solar inverter solutions brochure for Building applications.

Discover all technical details and overviews of our PV solutions for Residential and C&I applications.

Our Solutions

String inverters
String inverters
Energy storage solutions
Energy storage solutions
Monitorting and control
Monitoring and Control
charging stations
AC charging systems