Sustainable living is now a reality for energy-conscious homeowners with help from FIMER’s REACT 2

As the push for newly constructed homes to be as sustainable and energy-efficient as possible gathers momentum, it is the smart designs coupled with the latest building materials and technology that allows homeowners to live in a home that not only saves them money but also one house closer to saving the planet. 

That was the goal of the 10 Star Home, located in Adelaide, Australia, which was completed in August 2020. The home is South Australia’s first ten-star home and demonstrates what is possible when the right design, materials, products and techniques are used. The house has been accredited by Australia’s Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme with ten stars and estimated to consume almost 20 times less energy when compared to the average Australian household. 

The 10 Star Home project began in 2018, led by SUHO, a building consultancy firm, who designed, submitted and was awarded a commendation for the home’s design from Design Matters National Body 10-star sustainable design challenge. Since then, SUHO brought together leaders in the building and technology space to make the house a reality which was recently the winner of the Carbon Neutral Adelaide ‘Leadership and Influence’ award.

FIMER is proud to be one of the partners of the 10 Star Home project, with the REACT 2 installed on the home as part of the 5.0 kW solar and battery system. The REACT 2 system incorporates a 5.0 kW hybrid inverter and 4 kWh of energy storage. 

Jason Venning, FIMER Australia’s Country Manager said, “We are delighted to have had the opportunity to be part of this fantastic project, and to work with all the businesses involved, who have the same vision to show that not only is sustainable living possible for new builds, but also existing homes.”

The REACT 2 can achieve up to 90 percent energy self-reliance and has one of the industry’s highest energy efficiency rates, providing up to 10% more energy than lower voltage battery systems. The system also offers flexibility for homeowners to choose between installing 4 kWh, 8 kWh and 12 kWh battery modules to suit their energy needs.

Its smart connectivity allows it to connect into the 10 Star Home’s home automation system, the ABB-free@home® which can allow the homeowner to view and manage the energy generation and consumption from the REACT 2 and control their home’s heating, lighting, appliances and more.

Thanks to the possibility of both AC and DC side connection, the REACT 2 is the ideal solution for new systems or retrofitting of existing solar systems, allowing homeowners to start saving on their electricity bills and to become more self-sustainable and less reliant on the grid. FIMER’s REACT 2 is also approved on the South Australian and Victorian home battery schemes to reduce the installation costs and offers one of the best warranties on the market to ensure peace of mind.

Jason continued, “FIMER is committed to delivering quality energy systems to families in Australia. I am delighted to have the REACT 2 installed on my home and can see the value it brings to my family every day, I encourage anyone interested in getting solar or battery for their home, have a virtual tour of the 10 star home.”

Virtual tours of the 10 Star Home as well as the 8.2 Star Home which both feature the REACT 2 will be available during Australia’s Sustainable House Day on September 20.