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REACT 2 is FIMER’s photovoltaic energy storage system, allowing to store excess energy and optimize the energy use in residential applications.

The REACT 2 energy storage solution includes a high-voltage Li-ion battery with a long life and a storage capacity of up to 15 kWh. The modular solution can grow with the needs of any household from 4 kWh to 12 kWh (REACT2-BATT) or from 5 kWh to 15 kWh (REACT2- BATT-5.0) and significantly reduce electricity charges thanks to an achievable energy self-reliance of up to 90 percent. 

Thanks to the possibility of both AC and DC side connection, REACT 2 is the ideal solution for new systems or the retrofitting of existing ones, allowing homeowners to improve their energy self-consumption and save on their energy bills.

Design flexibility
Quick and easy to install thanks to the simple plug and play connection, both on inverter and battery side
Smart connectivity
Smart connectivity
System monitoring through dedicated mobile app
Wide battery capacity
Wide battery capacity
Battery units can be upgraded anytime during lifetime of system


REACT 2 - Photovoltaic energy storage system


Product Highlights

  • Li-lon battery unit for energy storage
  • Industry leading energy efficiency
  • Suitable for new and existing applications
  • Battery units can be upgraded anytime during lifetime of system
  • Flexible and modular design, optimizes installation space
  • Simple and safe installation with plug and play connection
  • Modbus TCP/RTU Sunspec compliant

Find out how easy is to install and commission REACT 2

how to install

Case studies 

Discover our REACT 2 in the World

react 2
REACT 2 Solar & batteries installed in Melbourne, Australia
Australian Rural Fire Service
Supporting the Australian Rural Fire Service by donating a REACT 2 hybrid inverter

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REACT 2 VDE-AR-N 4105-2018
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REACT 2 Data sheet
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REACT 2 - Product manual
English - 29.68 MB
REACT2-3.6-TL G83/2-1
English - 151.01 KB
REACT 2 IP Certificate
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REACT2-BATT IP Certificate
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REACT 2 EMC Certificate
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REACT2 Data sheet (Hungarian)
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REACT2 - Backup output
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Meter position & orientation errors
An overview of the most common errors in positioning and orientation of meters with real cases examples
taken from a configuration with REACT-2 inverter & remote monitoring via Energy Viewer.
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