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Energy Viewer

energy viewer

Energy Viewer allows solar plant owners to remotely monitor the main power generation indicators as well as all the energy flows and energy consumption of their own PV plants, with or without an energy storage system installed.

Energy Viewer users can view all the energy flows that enter and exit the main subjects involved in the solar power plant ecosystem, including residential and commercial office applications, thus keeping track of energy self-consumption and energy self-sufficiency.

Enhance your autonomy thanks to a premium level product, completely free of charge, reliable and easy to use!


  • Featured: main power-generation KPIs; self-consumption and self-sufficiency KPIs; energy flows; plant status; remote firmware update; enviromental benefits and more.

  • Support for all FIMER inverters

  • Fully integrated with Aurora Vision©

  • Available on App Store, Google Play Store and compatible with iOS & iPadOS (version 11.0 or greater) and Android (version 7.0 - Nougat - or greater)



Self-consumption monitoring via Energy Viewer
VSN700-05Data Logger and 3rd party meter enabiling
“self-consumption” monitoring via Energy Viewer
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Energy Viewer Data sheet
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