Aurora Vision

Aurora Vision© is a scalable, secure and reliable cloud-based platform that allows customers to remotely manage and analyze the main KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) of their photovoltaic systems as well as use advanced diagnostics tools, in all market segments. 
This cloud-based solution, accessible through an Aurora Vision© account, provides highly interactive real-time access to FIMER photovoltaic systems data, thereby showing key performance indicators and operational metrics to help in the management and optimization of the system, speeding up the alignment with company objectives as well as keeping under control personal consumption targets. The Aurora Vision© platform is structured to offer multiple services, channeled into different products designed with specific customer needs in mind, ranging from fleet-level management of performance and resources through reporting diagnostics, analysis or alerts and event management to monitoring of self-performances. 
Two different products, designed to meet different market needs, an APIs service (RESTful architechture) to enabled third party data integration and a KIOSK view to show publicly solar plant benefits and performances:

Plant Portfolio Manager: an advanced professional web-portal that allows stakeholders (such as installers/operators/managers) to monitor and control fleets of photovoltaic systems installed for final customers.

Energy Viewer: a smart and easy-to-use mobile app for monitoring the main power generation and self-performances indicators, for owners of residential and commercial PV plants, in order to keep energy use and savings in check.

Aurora Vision© APIs: harness the power of data from FIMER's photovoltaic systems to design solutions and provide opportunities.

KIOSK View: a public and customizable web page based on HTML5 (self-updating and embeddable in external frames) to show the benefits and performances of a solar power plant.