AC charging systems

AC-EVC-020 – Local Controller


It is a charging point equipped with all the features of the Stand-alone one, with some additional features, which allow the installation of multiple devices interconnected.

  • Up to two Type 2 sockets, equipped with all the measurement and protection systems, electromechanical retention during charging, communication with the electric vehicle, connection monitoring and regulation of the current through PWM and differential protection circuit breaker type B
  • Color-coded Status LED for each socket (Ready to use, Charging, Alarm, etc ...)
  • Smart fault management, with automatic reclosure of the circuit breaker.
  • Internal load manager for the distribution of the maximum load set by the user, between the two sockets.
  • Plug & Charge operation mode.
  • Back-up power supply with super “Supercap” capacitors.
  • Internal temperature sensors.
  • Stainless steel case.
  • OLED display with status, kWh counter, instantaneous kW, etc ...
  • RFiD reader for user authentication and recharge management.