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CYMACO, the most prominent chain in the automotive parts industry in Uruguay with nearly 200 employees and 9 branches strategically located in the departments of Montevideo, Canelones, and Maldonado, has decided to equip one of its branches with a photovoltaic system to cover a considerable part of its energy consumption.
CYMACO selected SES LatAm to design and install the most appropriate solution for their needs and specific conditions of the building.

SES LatAm is a pioneering company in Uruguay specializing in turnkey photovoltaic energy projects, energy efficiency studies, as well as backup systems, encompassing everything from the initial technical consultation and project submission under the local Investment Law to technical implementation and maintenance throughout the life of the photovoltaic project. 

SES LatAm designed, installed, and commissioned a 30 kW solar system featuring:
•    58 x Jinko Tiger Pro solar panels
•    1 x FIMER PVS-30 three-phase string inverter
FIMER's PVS-10/33 is an Italian-made three-phase string inverter that comes in six power sizes: 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 30 and 33 kW and is an ideal solution for large residential and commercial and industrial applications. PVS-30 offers reliability, performance, and flexibility with high DC/AC power oversizing capability, 4 MPPTs, a maximum string input voltage of 1,100V and single-string monitoring. It has been designed to be compact and easy to install. PVS-10/33 is fuse-free, which further saves on maintenance costs, keeping on-site interventions to a minimum. 

The project presented a combination of unique challenges: 
●  Extensive professional studies were needed to ensure that the building structure had the necessary strength to support the new photovoltaic system. The solution was found in a customized hot-dip galvanized steel structure mounted directly on the beams of the slab
● The surface of the roof was reconditioned in order to ensure thermal insulation and waterproofing while achieving optimal mounting conditions
● Specific simulations showed that the partial demolition of a wall was necessary as it would cast shadows on the panels and the positioning of the panels needed to be adjusted in a way which would allow to reduce the impact of shadows from neighboring constructions.

Guillermo Feria, Director at SES LatAm, said: "Project constraints led to a reduction in the initial generation forecast, but we still achieved a profitable balance for CYMACO. We combined the best technological solutions from Jinko and FIMER into a 30 kW system which will supply around 30% of the annual electrical consumption, generating significant energy cost savings, reducing the carbon footprint, and contributing to the Company's competitiveness." 

With regards to the project, Gabriel Furest, the Architect responsible for the same at CYMACO, stated: “The solar solution PVS-30 is also integrated into FIMER's advanced Aurora Vision platform, allowing SES to effectively monitor and manage the system through the Plant Portfolio Manager tool while it allows CYMACO to access their real-time production and consumption data remotely thanks to FIMER’s EnergyViewer mobile app.”