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Career Opportunities

Fimer has the goal to create an environment where all workers can produce a sustainable value, they can be proud to belong to a Company which is booming and open minded to new challenges.

We want to create a team made of people with distinctive skills, compared to our competitors, who are motivated in reaching the Company’s aims and build up their career with us, considering the needs and requirements necessary for each role.

Open Posistions

FIMER is recruiting for: Conseiller client / Ingénieur de vente – systèmes Solaires pour la Suisse romande (h/f/d)

We are looking for an Conseiller client / Ingénieur de vente – systèmes Solaires pour la Suisse romande (h/f/d) to join our team. 

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FIMER is recruiting for: Global Strategic Marketing Specialist

We are looking for an Global Strategic Marketing Specialist to join our team. 

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FIMER is recruiting for: Supply Chain Manager

We are looking for an experienced and motivated Supply Chain Manager to join our team. As a Supply Chain Manager, you will be responsible for planning, implementing and monitoring our overall supply chain strategy and in order to maximize efficiency and productivity.  

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FIMER is recruiting for: Head of Legal

Fimer SpA is currently seeking a Head of Legal in view of an expansion  of our internal staff.

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FIMER is recruiting for: Commissioning Manager

Role objectives and tasks:
After an adequate technical training on our specific technologies the candidate will run as commissioning manager the testing and commissioning of our conversion units in large photovoltaic plants.

The selected person will supervise a team of FIMER technicians on site and will be the reference point for the FIMER Project Manager and for the commissioning supervisor of the photovoltaic plant of the final customer.

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FIMER cerca: Firmware Engineer

Per un ampliamento del personale siamo alla ricerca di un candidato da inserire nel nostro organico.

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FIMER cerca: Hardware Power Engineer Specialist

Il candidato si occuperà principalmente della progettazione/validazione di convertitori di media/grande potenza orientati ad una produzione di serie.

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