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O & M

A professional O&M service ensures that a particular PV Plant will maintain high levels of technical and consequently economic performance over its lifetime. Nowadays, it is well acknowledged by all stakeholders that high quality of O&M services mitigates the potential risks.

Preventative maintenance

Actions and/or testing and/or measurements to ensure optimal operating conditions of equipment and of the entire PV plant and to prevent defects and failures. Those take place periodically and according to a specific maintenance-plan and maintenance schedules.

Corrective maintenance

Actions taken to correct failures, breakdowns, malfunctions, anomalies or damages detected during inspections, or through monitoring, alarming, or reporting or any other source. The actions are desired to restore the PV Plant back into regular and required operation mode.

Environment Health & Safety (EH&S)

Environment, Health and Safety indicates the activities performed to ensure environmental protection, occupational health and safety at work and on site applicable to staff and visitors according to the national applicable laws and regulations.

Extraordinary maintenance

Actions and/or works performed in case of major unpredictable faults, such as serial defects, force majeure events etc., that are generally considered outside of the ordinary course of business.

Reporting and other deliverables

Deliverables produced periodically, according to requirements detailed in the O&M agreement or following best market practices, including PV plant performance, Key Performance Indicators, maintenance activities and work orders performed, alarm handling, equipment status, warranty handling activities and spare parts tracking and any other Analysis performed in compliance with the O&M contract requirements.

Spare parts management

Activities that ensure availability of the right amount and type of components, equipment, parts, etc. either on site or in warehouses or in manufacturers’ consignment stocks, for prompt replacement in case of failure and/or to meet guarantees under O&M contracts.

Personnel & Training

Operators, technicians, engineers and managers employed for the execution of the O&M activities and training plans/programmes to train them on relevant PV plant related aspects and to keep them continuously updated on their respective roles.

Plant Control

Actions required by the grid operator, for controlling active and/or reactive power being fed into the grid, other power quality factors that are subject to adjustments and/or (emergency) shut down (if applicable).

Plant Monitoring

Overall monitoring of the functioning, energy generation and reference data of the PV plant and its components, which is performed through real-time (web based) monitoring software. The monitoring operates 24h/365d and is fed by in-plant data-logging systems that collects data from different plants as well as by irradiation and temperature measurements from particular sensors and other sources such as meteorological information (data acquisition 24h/365d).

Plant Supervision

The activity to supervise and analyze data provided by the monitoring system which is performed by experienced human resources during daylight hours and managed by one or more control rooms (365 days/year). The reception and qualification of the alarms from the monitoring tool is also considered to be part of the supervision.


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