FIMER, one of the world's leading manufacturers of renewable energy solutions, confirms its participation at the second edition of KEY - The Energy Transition Expo in Rimini, Italy, an important event dedicated to technologies, services, integrated solutions for energy efficiency and renewable energy in Italy and the Mediterranean basin.

The event represents an important showcase for FIMER, an opportunity to display the latest technologies developed for the photovoltaic market, designed and produced in Italy, including the Power platform, single-phase and three-phase inverters with a dedicated storage system for the residential segment as well as the prototype of the new high-power three-phase hybrid inverter PVS-75/125 and the PVS-10/33 inverter range, both designed for the C&I segment.


Power platform: PowerUNO, PowerTRIO and PowerX

FIMER offers one of the broadest portfolios of residential solutions currently on the market, which includes a wide range of single-phase and three-phase string inverters and energy storage solutions, suitable for photovoltaic systems installed in a residential setting.
The Power platform is FIMER's new photovoltaic solution with storage that allows the optimization of energy consumption and includes two inverter families, single-phase and three-phase, and a modular battery.

PowerUNO and PowerTRIO represent the new generation of hybrid, single-phase and three-phase inverters, available in several power sizes (from 2 to 6 kW for single-phase and from 4 to 10 kW for three-phase) and backup capacity (respectively up to 6 kW and 10 kW). A series of technical improvements have been made to make both solutions even more competitive on the market.

Indeed, installation flexibility has been enhanced and energy production has been optimized. In particular, the input of both MPPTs (Maximum Power Point Tracker) has been set to 16 A across the entire range, ensuring maximum compatibility with the majority of solar modules and maximizing the use of energy from solar panels. The introduction of further power sizes, with the three-phase model reaching up to 10 kW, allows to meet the needs of any project, both new and existing. The transition from two outputs to a single one intended for both normal operating conditions and backup situations, considerably simplifies installation and proves to be particularly advantageous, even for systems built in compliance with incentives in Italy. Finally, integrated connectivity allows 24/7 real-time monitoring, offering complete control over the efficiency and performance of the inverters.

PowerUNO and PowerTRIO will be available on the market starting from the second quarter of 2024. 

PowerX is the answer to the growing demand for storage systems. This modular battery system offers the possibility to expand the storage capacity at any time. Designed with minimal dimensions, it allows for quick and easy installation. The PowerX platform guarantees considerable flexibility to meet every energy harvesting need, with a compact design.

Its availability is scheduled for the second part of 2024.


Main features of PowerUNO and PowerTRIO:

  • Hybrid inverters, installation on the DC or AC side
  • Light and compact design
  • Small and light, but robust and powerful
  • Wide range of power sizes (from 2,0 kW to 10 kW)
  • External Plug&Play connections (no need to open the front cover)
  • Built-in communication devices: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB
  • Battery-ready
  • Free remote monitoring through the “Energy Viewer” App
  • Conversion efficiency +98%
  • Super quiet, with noise level below 40 dBA
  • Free access to Aurora Vision
  • Built-in arc fault detection system (AFCI) 
  • Blockchain ready


Main features of PowerX:

  • Click-and-connect system
  • Preassembled Plug&Play cable for the connection to the inverter
  • Up to three battery modules per system and up to two systems connected in parallel
  • Lightweight. Allows an easy handling, transportation and maintenance
  • Possibility to add an energy storage system anytime
  • Completely tool-free click-and-connect system (for battery module/s and BMU)
  • Robust and simple panel-to-panel connector, no cabling needed
  • Front access without screws
  • LFP (Lithium-iron-phosphate) chemistry


PVS-10/33: three-phase string inverter range with maximum flexibility and versatility

At the FIMER booth you will also be able to view the three-phase string inverter solutions, PVS-10/15 and PVS-20/33, designed to satisfy the requirements of commercial and industrial PV plants. These inverters, available in several power sizes (from 10 kW to 15 kW and from 20 kW to 33 kW), stand out for their capability to optimize installation and operational costs.

The flexibility of these solutions makes them suitable for any kind of application, both for newly installed PV plants and for existing ones, with installation and maintenance costs kept to affordable levels. Quick installation and commissioning, simplified management and fuseless design, which reduces maintenance, are just few of the features of these products.

The advanced built-in communication features ensure integration with the latest technologies, while the onboard Wi-Fi/Ethernet connectivity allows the creation of flexible networks based on TCP/IP at a low cost. Moreover, the easy replacement of any network device allows a convenient management of the infrastructure.

In the context of retrofit projects, this range of inverters stands out for its remarkable flexibility in adapting to existing photovoltaic field configurations, offering tailor-made solutions for each project.


Main features of PVS-10/33:

  • Compact inverters suitable for vertical and horizontal installation
  • Fuse-free design
  • Maximum string voltage 1100 Vdc
  • Compatible with bifacial photovoltaic modules
  • PID recovery function (optional)
  • Commissioning through the Solar Inverters installer app 
  • Integrated Export Limitation function 
  • Single string current monitoring 
  • Arc fault detection system (optional) 
  • 10% additional power available with temperatures up to 30°C (PVS-20/33)


PVS-75/125 (prototype): the new hybrid three-phase inverter

With three power sizes (75 kW, 100 kW and 125 kW) and up to 12 MPPT, PVS-75/125 is the state-of-the-art hybrid inverter prototype designed to satisfy the requirements of any PV project for the C&I segment. Particularly light and compact, it is designed to allow a quick installation and easy maintenance. This new FIMER branded solution represents an important step in the Company’s path towards conquering the market through innovation, research and Made in Italy quality.
Main features of the PVS-75/125 prototype:

  • Battery ready
  • Quick to install, easy to maintain
  • Optimized weight and volume
  • Fuse-free design
  • Remote monitoring free of charge
  • Real-time I-V curve available


The choice to take part in this prestigious event has been made at a significant moment for FIMER, and following the confirmation by the Court of Milan of the Company's admission to the Extraordinary Administration procedure which has opened the doors to a new and promising phase of restart, through the assignment of the Company to a new investor determined to relaunch the business. Indeed, thanks to the support of the Extraordinary Administration procedure, important credit lines have been reopened, which will allow us to return fully operational in the next few months and confirm important investments in Research and Development aiming to increase the production level, give full support to customers, and launch new innovative platforms as early as 2024.


Let’s meet up at KEY – The Energy Transition Expo, from the 28th of February to the 1st of March 2024, at Rimini Fiera. The FIMER Team is looking forward to meeting you at Hall D1 / Booth 006.