As part of World EV Day and the launch of its EV charging range in Australia, FIMER Australia offered a chance for Not-For-Profit community groups to submit an application to receive a free FIMER FLEXA AC Wallbox charger.

Geni.Energy, a Not-for-Profit organisation based in Narrabri, New South Wales, was one of the successful applicants. They support home and business owners and farms to transition to renewable energy and reduce their carbon footprint.

Having public EV Chargers available in regional areas not only supports the local community but attracts tourists who drive electric vehicles. Narrabri is a regional town located 521km northwest of Sydney. Currently, the town only has one charger installed in town at a local hotel for its guests. 

It was a great opportunity for Geni.Energy to make a second public charger available, allowing the local community and visitors to top up their car while in town.

Sally Hunter, Geni. Energy's Managing Director said, "Geni.Energy has been holding events educating the local community on electric vehicles for the last few years, encouraging people to choose an EV for their next car purchase. We have also found EV tourists avoid our town as the distance is too great until the next charger." 

She continued by thanking FIMER for supporting the Narrabri community, "Getting the support from FIMER to help the Narrabri community has been much-needed to inspire other businesses to invest and install a charger, as well as the local community to feel confident to purchase an electric vehicle."

After winning the charger, Geni.Energy worked with the local community to identify a location for the charger. Aperture Digital Group, a local business in town, put their hand up to have it installed at their new premise, which has 99kW of solar installed to help offset some of the running costs of the charger.

Peter Harvey from Aperture Digital Group, said, "We are excited to be one of the first businesses in town to offer the community and tourists an electric vehicle charger. The charger will allow our business to earn revenue from every charge while letting people top up their vehicle's battery while in town."

The charger was installed in March 2023 and officially launched on 16 May by Geni.Energy's Managing Director, Sally Hunter; NSW Farmers Deputy President, Rebecca Reardon and FIMER Country Manager, Jason Venning.

The launch coincided with Solar Citizen's Electric Ute Roadshow, whose goal is to drive around Regional Australia, showcasing the benefits of electric vehicles and the power of electrification to regional communities.

The roadshow attracted around 50 people from the local community, which offered them the chance to see first-hand several models of electric vehicles, including the Electric Ute and also learn about electric vehicles and charging technology, the importance of electrification and what the agriculture industry is looking to do to help decarbonise. 

The 22 kW FIMER FLEXA AC Wallbox charger which has been installed in Narrabri is designed and manufactured in Italy with a 100% recyclable plastic housing and has advanced connectivity features, including 3G/4G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, RS485 and Ethernet.

Jason Venning, Country Manager of FIMER Australia, said, "FIMER was proud to have donated a FIMER FLEXA AC Wallbox charger to the Narrabri community. It's important that regional towns and cities are brought along on the electrification journey as well, so we were thrilled to support Geni.Energy with their goals."

The charger will be connected to Charging Management Provider, NoodoeEV, which enables Aperture Digital Group to monitor the charger remotely and manage payments for the use of the charger.
FIMER's FLEXA AC Wallbox is available in Australia with either single-phase or three-phase power ratings of 7.4 kW or 22 kW and a Type 2 cord or socket.