Leading tier one global solar inverter supplier FIMER recently provided 16 PVS-100 inverters, cloud connected three-phase string solution, for a PV project in Kenya thanks to its collaboration with SOVEMA INTERNATIONAL FRANCE, MACHIRI LTD KENYA, AXUN SOLAR FRANCE for engineering and ECOENERGY Cameroun for commissioning.

This special project - ATHI Water Solar Power Plant Oloitokitok for pumping station - which was installed in January 2022, consists of 2 x 750 kW solar plants powered by 8 FIMER PVS-100 and one M2M energy meter each. The plant is set to no-injection mode to replace a genset and covers the energy requirements of the water pumping station. The aim of the project is to reduce the cost of electricity bills while supporting the grid (in the future), by injecting exceeding energy into the grid. This energy reinforcement will also reduce electricity shortages due to the lack of available electricity in the area and provide more comfort to the local population. 
Thanks to its partnership with Sovema International, FIMER was able to provide its solar technologies to launch the first project of this magnitude in this country, paving the way for other similar relevant projects.

PVS-100/120-TL is FIMER’s cloud connected three-phase string inverter solution for cost efficient decentralized photovoltaic systems for both ground mounted and rooftop applications.

This high-power platform with power ratings up to 120 kW, maximizes the ROI for decentralized C&I solar plants. With up to six MPPT, energy harvesting is optimized even in shading situations.

This best-selling inverter also allows savings on installation resources as less units are required and, thanks to its compact size, further savings are generated from a logistics and maintenance point of view. Moreover, the integrated DC/AC disconnection, 24 string connections, fuses and surge protection, remove the need for additional boxes.

Standard wireless access from any mobile device makes the configuration of inverter and plant easier and faster. The improved user experience thanks to a built-in User Interface (UI) enables access to advanced inverter configuration settings. The Installer for Solar Inverters mobile app, available for Android/iOS devices, further simplifies multi-inverter installations.

Jean Harrault, FIMER Internal Sales Engineer Renewable Energy said: “It is a privilege to be involved in such an important project, for the first time in Kenya. The popularity of solar is increasing worldwide and we are honoured that Sovema International has chosen FIMER inverters for this PV plant. We look forward to further collaborations and to develop and complete new sustainable projects like this one”.

Stéphane Cartier, Electric Engineer in charge of Sovema International's Dual and Solar Energy Department said: "Sovema International has always looked forward to adopting new technologies particularly those involving solar energy which should dominate increasingly Water sphere, whether pertaining Pumping Stations or Water Treatment Plants.  Cooperating with a major solar specialist such as FIMER is our privilege and the perfect choice for we have always looked up for clients' recognition and best satisfaction in all fields".

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