All Electrical Distributors has chosen FIMER’s PVS-100-TL to help South African dairy farm run on 70% of its own energy.

About the project

In early 2022, All Electrical Distributors selected FIMER’s PVS-100 for a ground-mounted agriculture installation at Sunnyside Dairy, in Kouga Municipality. This recently installed PV system will help the dairy producer curtail the rising energy costs from external suppliers, while reducing its environmental impact.
This installation will allow the farm to lower the purchase of external energy, obtaining up to  80% of energy self-reliance as well as 70% energy self-consumption, that means 712 kWh of electricity produced daily vs. 895 kWh consumed.

According to All Electrical Distributors, the project will help achieve a saving of 507kg of CO2 daily, equivalent to 185Tns per annum. By comparison, one single railcar worth of burned coal equals to the electricity used by just 33.6 homes over one year.
The use of solar energy, especially on farms and agricultural fields, is living a rapid growth and is resulting in incredible energy savings. Public awareness is finally raising on the great value of renewable energies and environmental protection, in particular thanks to solar energy .

William Van Wyk, Country Manager at FIMER South Africa said: “We are very honored that All Electrical Distributions has chosen FIMER inverters for this project, and we strongly believe in the growth of solar energy use and sustainability in our country, especially in projects related to the agricultural and farming markets. We look forward to further collaborations for starting and completing new sustainable projects like this one”.

About the product

All Electrical Distributors chose FIMER’s PVS-100-TL inverter techonolgy to finalise this project, thanks to its robustness, reliability and flexibility.

The PVS-100/120-TL is FIMER’s cloud connected three-phase string inverter solution for decentralized PV systems for both ground mounted and rooftop applications.
This high-power platform has a power rating of up to 120 kW to maximize the ROI in commercial and industrial (C&I) solar plants. With up to six MPPT, energy harvesting is optimized even under shading situations.

With fewer units required to power a PV plant, this best-selling inverter also generates savings on installation resources. Thanks to its modularity, further cost savings are made from a logistics and maintenance point of view. Moreover, its features such as its integrated DC/AC disconnection, 24 string connections, fuses and surge protection, effectively eliminate the need for additional boxes or devices. 

The PVS-100/120-TL’s standard wireless access from any mobile device makes the configuration of the inverter and plant easier and faster. The improved user experience – thanks to a built-in User Interface (UI) – enables access to advanced inverter configuration settings. Furthermore, FIMER’s Installer for Solar Inverters mobile app for Android and iOS devices, simplifies multi-inverter installations.