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PVI-AEC-EVO Data Logger

PVI-AEC-EVO Data Logger

NOTICE: This product is no longer available.

The new PVI-AEC-EVO Data Logger system offers customers the ability to monitor PV or wind installation performance from a remote location using either an Ethernet/Internet connection or mobile phone technology.

Plant performance information such as energy harvesting, power, voltage and current data is available in real-time. Users will benefit from this monitoring unit’s very high speed updates. Its modular design allows for future expansion with further features created using add-on modules. You can link up to 128 devices with the PVI-AEC-EVO Data Logger system using RS485 communication port data. This flexible monitoring system can be linked to a wide range of devices, including mobile phone, any online or Bluetooth device.


  • An expansion bus enables easy connection of options for battery backup pack or GSM/GPRS module for remote connectivity when a wired LAN Ethernet is missing
  • Connects up to 128 FIMER inverters using Aurora Protocol over RS485 for low frequency data sampling
  • A quick review of the main key performance parameter of the plant locally provided by WUI
  • Removable 2GB capacity SD Card flash memory for backup data storing
  • Remote configuration and management capabilities, including firmware upgrades over the Internet using Aurora Vision® Plant Portfolio Manager