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FIMER, a leading company in terms of development, production and sales of renewable energy and e-mobility solutions, supplied five PVS-100 three-phase string inverters through its Partner GruppoSTG, specializing in the design and production of Made in Italy photovoltaic and structural solutions.

Five 100 kW PVS-100 inverters have been installed at the production plant of Erca Spa, a chemical company located in Grassobbio (Bergamo), Lombardia. The photovoltaic system was built on two buildings, for a total power of 554.81 kWp, with 1018 545W half cut high power photovoltaic modules installed.

Arch. Mauro Ottolina, Project Manager at GruppoSTG, states: “GruppoSTG is very satisfied with the construction of this 555 kW photovoltaic system carried out on two plants of the same production site in the Bergamo area. The two buildings feature different kinds of roof: one with very little slope, the other one with sheet metal domes with different radii of curvature that have allowed us to create different photovoltaic solutions, but still maintaining high energy production performance. This was also possible thanks to the high-quality technical components by FIMER".

Project data:
• Installed capacity: 554.81 kWp
• Number of PV modules: 1018
• Number of inverters: 5 FIMER PVS-100
• Project Management and Coordinator of the work in progress (CSE): GruppoSTG
• Committee: Erca Spa

The calculated consumption of Erca Spa is approximately 4.750.000 kWh / year.
Thanks to this plant, the chemical company Erca Group will cover a large part of its annual energetic needs.

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