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The new PVS-260/300 is the latest modular conversion solution by FIMER.

The new FIMER medium voltage modular compact skid is a plug&play solution designed to seamlessly and efficiently replace monolithic converter solutions on large-scale solar power generation systems based on a centralized architecture.

Combining up to 24 single MPPT power conversion modules in a fully-equipped factory pre-assembled and pretested 40 feet HC MV station, the new platform can compete with multi-MW scale station designs of the latest central inverters, allowing system designers to apply the modular architecture to systems of any kind and any size.

Why choose the PVS-260/300-MVMCS?

Lower Opex
Minimum Opex
- Reduced MTTR compared to monolithic central inverters thanks to smaller and swappable power blocks
- Lower O&M efforts, typically 1,3 Euro cents/watt less than a central solution over 25 years
- Lower risk and cost for components or functional parts obsolescence compared to central inverter platforms, reducing long-term financial threat to system owners
energy yields
Maximum Energy Yields
- ɳMAX > 99%
(inverter section)
- Higher system availability, above 99.9% compared to 99.5% from monolithic central inverter solutions
- PID recovery function
Lower LCOE
Lower LCOE
- Higher availability: + 0.4%
- Lower O&M: – 1.3 Euro cents/Watt over 25 years
- 100% asset utilization factor thanks to the unmatched granularity. Adaptable to systems of any kind and any size
- 1.5% ÷ -2.5% lower LCOE on a 50/100MW system, depending on site-specific conditions
Same Capex
- 1:1 replacement of any standard skid based on conventional monolithic central inverter, keeping the same footprint and form factor
- Up to 7200kVA plug & play 40 feet MV Compact Skid, competes with the largest central skids
- Same Installation, connection and commissioning effort than a conventional central solution.

The New Utility Era

video pvs 350

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The PVS-260/300-MVMCS is a fully-modular solution, designed to cater any centralized utility application, engineered with a single-MPPT string platform. It can easily replace central inverters in more traditional designs, significantly improving performance and lowering BoP costs, while optimizing the LCOE.

Download the data sheet featuring all technical details and complete overview of the PVS-260/300-MVMCS. Our answer for centralized system architectures.

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