String inverters



The PVS-166/175-TL-US is our innovative three-phase string inverter which enhances and optimizes solar power generation for ground mounted utility scale applications.

The inverter comes equipped with 12 MPPT, the highest available in the market, assuring maximum PV plant design flexibility and increasing yields also in case of complex installations.

Quick and easy installation, thanks to plug and play connectors, as the existing PV module’s mounting systems can be used to install the inverters, thus saving time and cost on site preparation and hire of plant.

Standard wireless access from any mobile device makes the configuration of inverter and plant easier and faster. Monitoring your assets is made easy, as every inverter is capable to connect to our cloud platform and thanks to the state-of-the-art cybersecurity your assets and profitability are secure in the long term.


  • Up to 185 kW power rating, highest in class
  • All-in-one combiner and fuse free design
  • Separate power module and wiring compartment for fast swap and replacement
  • Easy access to consumables for fast inspection and replacement
  • 12 MPPT and wide input voltage range for maximum energy yield
  • WLAN interface for commissioning and configuration
  • Remote monitoring and firmware upgrade via our cloud platform (logger free)
  • Free of charge standard access to Aurora Vision® cloud