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Monitoring and Control

Accessories for PVI, UNO, TRIO, ULTRA, CORE and PLUS


FIMER offers several interfaces and accesories for the data transfer of PVI, UNO, TRIO, ULTRA, CORE and PLUS solar inverters.


Allows active and reactive power control according to EEG-2009§6 and BDEW

  • Offers 4 digital inputs and 2 analog inputs for active and reactive power control
  • Permits the integration with an external acquisition and data control system via two RS485 ports (from Inverter to Modbus)
  • Capable to control up to 32 Inverters or 55 kW modules
  • Power supply transformer provided

PVI-RS485-MODBUS protocol converter

Protocol converter from Aurora proprietary protocol to Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP

  • Up to 32 inverters or 55 kW modules connected
  • Multi-drop bus connection allowed for RTU
  • 50 Hz transformer and cables are provided
  • No active-reactive power control in Modbus RTU

PVI-USB-RS232_485 serial port converter

Allows serial interfacing between photovoltaic inverters and computer via RS485 link

  • Operating systems supported: Win XP, Win 7, and Linux based
  • Works with centralized and string inverters
  • No power supply needed (auto-supplied via USB port)

Compatible software:

  • Communicator – Monitoring of string and centralized inverters
  • Installer - Managing and monitoring of string inverters
  • CVI Central - Managing and monitoring of centralized inverters
  • Stringcomb Installer – Managing and monitoring of string combiner
  • Manager – Configuration and monitoring software