R10000 TL

With a 400 VAC output voltage and a MPPT voltage range of 675 - 1000 VDC,  FIMER R10000 TL Centralized Inverter with MV connection to the electricity distribution is a modular inverter ideal for the commercial and industrial sector and suitable for all types of revamping projects.
MV central inverter

The FIMER solar line supports a wide range of grid connected PV applications between hundreds of kilowatts and multi megawatts. Based on the FIMER MPS (Modular Power system) technology, this line has been designed with a particular architecture in which the power modules guarantee greater efficiency than traditional central inverters. The power modules of our inverters switch on gradually, producing energy at low power values (around 700W) provided a rapid return of investment

Thanks to this technology the FIMER inverters allow the improvement of three main features of a PV inverter:

Improved Performances

FIMER inverter is modular and this peculiarity is due to the inverter’s conversion stage which is formed by more IGBT power modules working in parallel in output on the AC power distribution grid: if we take as reference a FIMER inverter that has to be connected to 108 MWp PV generator, this is formed by ten 102,5 kVA modules.

The modularity is also extended to magnetic devices (inductors), capacitors energy conversion and all cards and electronic devices for control and regulation (whose one piece is always available for each power module).

Longer life time

A FIMER inverter lasts longer! Electronics, to last longer need to work at low temperatures. FIMER inverter power modules turn on and off in a sequential manner so they are always cool, (or they operate in low temperatures and they are always checked). This is the reason why they last longer.

Moreover, in this way the use of cooling fans is also optimized: they absorb and dissipate less energy turning less and less time so ensuring higher performance and profitability to the PV Inverter.

Elimination of machine down-times

As the power architecture is divided into several modules, FIMER inverter never stops completely because it will only stop the failing module inside the converter and keeps on functioning as it has multiple modules and multiple magnetic.


  • Max Efficiency , up to 98,9%

  • Output Voltage : 400 VAC +-10%

  • MPPT Voltage Range : 675 - 1000 VDC

  • Max power : 1025 KVA@25°C / 1000 KVA@50°C

  • Modular inverter (MPS system)

  • Power stacks completely withdrawable

  • Modular design for easy maintenance 

  • Grid support functions

  • Use of a single magnetic component each module

  • Advance modulation (according to IPCCM algorithm)

  • Continuous monitoring of the system and integrated datalogger

  • Outbound communication. 

  • Monitoring of the photovoltaic plant.