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The better battery
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FIMER PowerX offers the highest residential storage capacities on the market. Thanks to its high-voltage modular battery format, PowerX provides a flexible option for any energy storage requirement, up to  a maximum of 75 kWh.

Small overall footprint, allows installation on wall or on floor stand. 
Simpler handling, thanks to the single module weight of only 33 kg.



The better installability
The better installability
Tool-free click and connect system
Preassembled plug & play cable for inverter connection
The better security
LFP chemistry in unibody design
Peace of mind installation
The better flexibility
The better flexibility
Upgradable capacity during lifetime
Left and right side connection
The better modularity
The better modularity
5.0, 10.0, 15.0, 20.0, 25.0 kWh battery unit.
Up to 3 battery units, 75 kWh capacity

The new best-in-class Power platform


The better configurations 

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