As part of the Western Australian (WA) government’s strategy to encourage the uptake of electric vehicles (EV), they announced a $15 million Charge Up Workplace Grants program to support the rollout of charging infrastructure across the state. 

FIMER FLEXA AC Wallbox FutureNet EV charger has been listed on the approved charger list for organisations seeking a grant from the Western Australian government to install and manage an EV charger at their business or operation. 

The WA government is providing $15 million of co-funded grants to go toward 50% of the cost of the installation of electric vehicle chargers for small to medium enterprises, not-for-profit organisations, and local government authorities.

Jason Venning, FIMER Australia’s Country Manager, said of the program and FIMER’s charger, “It is great to see Western Australia providing incentives for small to medium businesses to install a charger at their workplace for their staff and the public to use. This will help to boost the uptake of EV vehicle ownership in the State. FIMER has many AC and DC charging options for homeowners, business owners and government organisations that can integrate with leading smart charging providers.”

Designed and manufactured in Italy, the FIMER FLEXA AC Wallbox is available in Australia with either single-phase or three-phase power ratings of 7.4 kW or 22 kW, with a Type 2 cord or socket version.

The FutureNet model on the approved charger list is made with 100% recycled plastic housing and has advanced communication functionality, including 3G/4G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, RS485 and ethernet connectivity.

The charger is compatible with OCPP 1.6 Json communication protocol, enabling integration into third-party payment management software such as Everty, NoodoeEV and Chargefox. 

Installation of the FIMER FLEXA AC Wallbox is extremely easy and can be wall-mounted or mounted on a stand. If the site has multiple charging points, they can be configured in a master/slave arrangement and manage the available power to ensure the system performs at its best 24/7.

With robustness and safety in mind, the system has been designed to meet IK08 and IP55 standards, plus constructed to be tamper-proof and has backup functionality via SuperCap to safely conclude any charging sessions in case of a mains power loss.