Compatible Charging Management Software for FIMER EV Chargers

FIMER has completed integration testing for the following charging management software providers for Australia and New Zealand.

Charging management software can provide more functionality to the charging operator (home or business), including: 

Pay for charging functionality.
Get detailed reporting of your charging network.
Remote monitoring
Remotely monitor one or a fleet of chargers.
Energy Management
Energy Management
Load and energy management.
Asset Management
Asset Management
Remotely control, perform diagnostics and troubleshoot one or a fleet of chargers.

Compatible Charging Management Software for FIMER EV Chargers:

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Everty’s software provides three critical pillars for effective EV charging operations: Monitoring, Management and Monetisation of your charging stations. 

  • Asset management
  • Smart charging - energy management
  • Fleet management
  • Payment platform
  • Reporting and analytics

  End User FAQ's

How do end users charge with Everty?

The Everty app (available on iOS, Android and the web) makes it easy to locate an Everty charging station near you and check availability in real-time. Once at the station, drivers can start the charging session with a few taps (via the Everty app or with an Everty RFID card) and monitor the progress on their phone while they go about their activities. The transaction will automatically be billed to the driver’s credit card when they stop the charging session. After each charging session, the driver will receive an electronic invoice confirming the energy and fees charged.

When you are ready to charge, locate the charger on the Everty Map or enter the station ID and follow the charging instructions on the app.

Does Everty have an EV Driver app?

Everty has a mobile app that helps EV drivers easily locate EV charging stations nearby and get their EVs quickly charged up.

You can access Everty’s EV driver app via the web, or download it on your iOS or Android mobile phone. To start using Everty’s charging station network go through simple registration steps and add your preferred payment method to complete your account set-up. 

Everty uses Stripe as a best-of-breed payment gateway provider which offers great inbuilt security features. Your payment data is kept secure within the Stripe platform. Everty does not have access to this payment data.

  EV Operator FAQ's

Can you set different tariffs for public vs private use?

Absolutely! Everty’s software can distinguish between different user groups e.g. club members could charge at a discounted rate and members of the public pay a full rate. It basically allows you to set separate tariffs for certain user groups on the same EV charger.

How much does it cost to use Everty's software?

If you have purchased a FIMER Charger, you are able to subscribe to Everty and receive your first three months free. For more details, please visit the Everty site here.

Once the three-month trial is finished, the pricing for Everty's software is a subscription fee charged annually upfront. Everty does offer a free basic management package as well as paid packages that offer more functionality.

Their package bundles can be tailered to suit your needs and can provide access to the Everty Dashboard for remote monitoring, diagnostics, firmware updates, reporting/analytics, load management, billing, setting tariff, and much more.

Pricing can be requested through their website.

How often will I receive payments from my charging stations?

Everty collects the payments from the EV drivers at the end of each charging session and releases them to the charging station operator quarterly. 

How to manage your chargers with Everty's software?

The Everty dashboard enables charging station operators to view admin, station control, reporting and analytics, and energy management functions. This gives you full control and oversight of day-to-day operations.

  Installer FAQ's

How to connect a FIMER charger with Everty?

It depends if you have already installed and commissioned a FIMER FutureNet charger or planning to install or commission. Please contact FIMER by emailing us here.


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Noodoe EV

Noodoe EV OS is one of the most advanced cloud-based operating systems today. Operators can achieve the lowest operating costs with the least effort. Noodoe EV OS provides:

  • 24/7 Autonomous revenue generation
  • Peak-hour price adjustments
  • Automatic transaction billing
  • Intelligent energy management
  • Seamless funds transfers
  • Automatic real-time infrastructure diagnostics
  • In-depth reports

  End User FAQ's

How do end users charge with Noodoe EV?

It's extremely easy to charge at an EV Charger managed by Noodoe EV. All you need to do is:

  • Park your car
  • Plug the charger into your car
  • Scan the QR Code on the charger
  • Accept the charge rates
  • Pay
  • Receive a charging complete notification to your phone

No apps or accounts are required.

You can pay via credit card, Google Pay or Apple Pay.

Does Noodoe EV have an app?

Although you don't need the Noodoe App, the Noodoe App makes an EV charging experience even better:

  • Remembers your payment preferences.
  • Keeps a record of your charging history.
  • Helps you find nearby Noodoe EV charging stations.
  • Sends you a notification when charging has been completed. 

Available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Is there a video explaining Noodoe for drivers?

  EV Operator FAQ's

How much does it cost to use Noodoe EV?

Noodoe EV does not charge a monthly or annual subscription fee.

Noodoe EV takes a small service fee from every transaction.

There will be a small fee for organising a durable QR Code label to be made and delivered for each charger connected to Noodoe EV.

How often will I receive payments from my charging stations?

Noodoe transfers funds to your nominated account immediately after a charging session or quarterly, depending on your preference.

How to manage your chargers with Noodoe EV?

Noodoe EV OS has a very user-friendly web-interface dashboard. Watch the video below for an overview.

I have a FIMER Charger installed already, how can I get started with Noodoe EV OS?

Please contact Noodoe EV here:

  Installer FAQ's

Is there training or certification required?

Noodoe offers a professional masterclass certification program to become certified at installing and connecting a FIMER charger to Noodoe EV. Learn more here.

How to connect a FIMER charger with Noodoe EV?

It’s really simple to connect a FIMER Charger with Noodoe EV OS, the overall process includes:

  • Setting up an account with Noodoe EV
  • Capturing the charger information to link up with your Noodoe EV OS portal
  • Organising a durable Noodoe EV QR code label to be delivered for each individual charger
  • Test and launch. 


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ChargeFox for its management software that provides:

  • View the amount of electricity consumed
  • See the live status of all charging stations under your control
  • View utilisation numbers
  • View charged time and parked time
  • Calculate costs for electricity consumption
  • Calculate revenue earned
  • Export data on a session-by-session basis

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