Utility Scale


Futursun, a Mexican company operating internationally, is one of FIMER’s most important  partners in the state of Chihuahua, one of the top 3 states in Mexico with the largest installed capacity (136.04 MW) in terms of distributed generation: referred to installations less than 500 kW, mainly solar.

Futursun has developed several projects with FIMER, a 100% Italian company tier one renewable energy equipment supplier, specialized in solar inverters and electric mobility systems, offering turn-key solutions for energy generation. Thanks to Futursun’s know-how and FIMER’s experience in the solar industry, this partnership aims for a substantial improvement of photovoltaic energy distribution in Mexico.

One of the most relevant projects developed through this alliance is a total of 30 photovoltaic plants that have been installed in various cities among the largest state of Mexico, Chihuahua, from 2017 to 2021.

The first stage of this project involved the installation of 4 FIMER TRIO-60 inverters, followed by 18 FIMER PVS-100/120 TL inverters, showing a clear example of distributor´s trust in the FIMER brand and in the its high-technology, innovative solutions for the solar market.

FIMER and Futursun successfully completed the 30 plants installations in several cities located in Chihuahua: Bachimba, Camargo, Naica, and Chihuahua capital using PVS-120-TL.

PVS-120-TL is FIMER’s cloud connected three-phase string inverter solution for cost efficient decentralized photovoltaic systems. This high-power platform with power ratings up to 120 kW, maximizes the ROI for decentralized C&I solar plants, as less units are required. Due to its compact size, further savings are generated in logistics and in maintenance. With up to six MPPT, energy harvesting is optimized even in shading situations. Thanks to the integrated DC/AC disconnection, 24 string connections, fuses and surge protection no additional boxes are required.

As previously mentioned, at the beginning of the project FIMER TRIO-60 were also used. These three-phase commercial inverters feature the design of a string inverter with the power of a central inverter and they were selected specifically in the first 4 plants built in Chihuahua and Bachimba. 

All installed plants were 488 kW and are intended for total energy sale, this means all energy is sold to CFE (Federal Commission of Electricity) and the generated is paid every month. CFE is the company that supplies power in the whole country, so no matter where you move you will have a CFE bill.
The main goal of these installations is to produce remarkbale energy cost savings compared to traditional fuels. Indeed, the production cost is 200 percent lower with solar energy compared to diesel, since renewable energy is far more efficient.

The last project out of these 30 installations was a roof top installation in the area of Naica, a town in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. This specific project stands out among the others since it included a bidirectional utility meter. In Mexico the interconnection model for Distributed Power Generation allows through a bidirectional utility meter to count the surplus energy and store it in a virtual energy bank to have it available for another period of the year, allowing even greater savings. The Naica roof project range was 499 kW photovoltaic and FIMER PVS-120 inverters were used for self-consumption.

All together, the 30 plants performed by Futursun with FIMER PVS-120 mainly, are now a reality in this northern region of Mexico, where high temperatures and extreme weather conditions represent a decisive factor when choosing an efficient inverter with excellent technical service.

Sergio Diaz - CEO and Managing Director at Futursun said: “Our quality in components and assembly allows us to be successful in what we do, since we do not skimp on details when doing the underground construction. For us, FIMER is a brand that ensures a quick response, excellent quality and experience. PVS-120 inverters were ideal for our specific needs on all installations”.

Cesar Alor - Country Manager at FIMER Mexico, said: “We are honored to be a trusted partner of Futursun and pleased that they have chosen our PVS-120 and TRIO-60 inverters for their innovative projects. We look forward to future collaborations for further similar sustainable energy projects in their market area.”