As part of their not-for-profit community program, EverySolar 2.0 installed and commissioned an 8.8 kW solar system for free for the local Chinese Christian Church on the Gold Coast.

EverySolar 2.0 is a local solar company that provides solar solutions to residential and commercial customers in South-East Queensland, Australia. In 2022, EverySolar launched its community donation program, providing up to four free solar systems to not-for-profit community groups each year. 

Billy Law, Director of EverySolar 2.0, explained, “Here at EverySolar, we want to do business a little differently. We want to give back to the community we operate in and work with not-for-profit organisations to design, install and commission solar systems for free – to help alleviate some of the cost burdens they face when delivering important work for their community.”

As part of this program, EverySolar selected the Gold Coast Chinese Christian Church to donate an 8.8kW solar system, incorporating 24 x 370W Longi Panels and FIMER’s PVS-10 string inverter.

The FIMER PVS-10 is an Italian-made three-phase string inverter, part of the PVS-10/15 inverter family. The PVS-10 comes with a full ten-year replacement warranty in Australia and New Zealand and the inverter wraps FIMER’s quality and engineering into a lightweight, compact, and powerful solution offering high performance, reliability, and value to any residential or commercial application.

Billy said, “It was great to install such a quality solar system for the church. Having the support of FIMER, a European manufacturer who is ready to support these kinds of projects, is extremely important to us.”

The Gold Coast Chinese Christian Church was established in 1990 and provides services and support for the local Gold Coast community. 

Victor Cheung, Pastor of the Chinese Christian Church, said of the donation, “Having solar power on our church will allow us to save money on our energy expenses. We can use those savings to further bless the people on the Gold Coast.”

The system was installed and commissioned in August 2022 by EverySolar. Pastor Cheung, was extremely thankful to EverySolar and FIMER for the system and said: “This will greatly assist the church and our local community. We would like to thank the EverySolar and FIMER for supporting us with this welcomed donation.”

Michael Donelly, Queensland Sales Lead at FIMER Australia, was incredibly proud to be involved. “FIMER is proud to have had the opportunity to work with EverySolar and their not-for-profit community program. It’s always fantastic to be able to support these local projects and see how our products can make a positive difference to people every day.”

The system is connected to FIMER’s AuroraVision monitoring solution through the Energy Viewer mobile app and the TV Screen installed in the church. The TV Screen allows everyone to see how the system is performing and better understand how much energy the church consumes to help further reduce costs.

The system will generate approximately 7.2 MW per annum, saving the church over $2,400 and nearly 6 tonnes of carbon each year. 


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