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The PVS-10/12.5/15-TL is the new FIMER three-phase solution, ideal for the optimization of installation and operational costs in commercial and industrial PV plants.

This new PVS string inverter family, with power ratings of up to 15 kW, has been designed with the objective to maximize the ROI in commercial and industrial applications such as rooftop plants, carports and trackers.

Thanks to the DC-side specifications this new range of three-phase string inverters fits any plant design, in both new and existing installations.

Moreover, the built-in advanced communication features ensure an easy integration with the latest technologies, while keeping costs low.

Forget constraints.  Find your flex 

find your flex
Easy to install
Ease of installation and maintenance
Fuse-free design guarantees savings on maintenance costs and time, reducing on site interventions to a minimum.
Maximum flexibility and integration
Maximum flexibility and integration
The input voltage range and all DC-side specs as a whole allow for the greatest plant design flexibility within both new and retrofit installations.
 Advanced communication
Advanced communication
Fast commissioning thanks to the Solar Inverters installer app which enable a quick multi-inverter installation, saving up to 70% commissioning time.

Product overview

Watch the video to find out why our new PVS-10/33, is the perfect fit for your flex.

Available in six different power sizes, from 10 to 33 kW to meet the needs of any solar installation. 



Product Highlights

  • Compact inverter suitable for vertical installation
  • Fuse-free design
  • Maximum string voltage 1100 Vdc
  • PID recovery function (optional)
  • Commissioning through the Solar Inverters installer app
  • Integrated Export Limitation function
  • Single string current monitoring
  • Arc fault detection system (optional)

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