A smart function allowing efficient shade management
Thanks to FIMER PowerGain you will be able to boost your energy production

A built-in feature of all FIMER string inverters which ensures that the PV system always works at its optimal conditions, without additional devices and costs.

FIMER PowerGain overcomes the limits of less advanced technologies such as the standard MPPT algorithm and DC optimizers installed at module level, allowing up to 10% higher yields compared to PV systems applying traditional inverters and outperforming DC optimizers over a long-period observation.


Fast and efficient optimization
Highest energy production, even in shading conditions
Boost your energy production
Boost your energy production
The algorithm is able to identify the absolute maximum power point within milliseconds
Easier and quicker installation compared to optimizers
Easier and quicker installation compared to optimizers
The algorithm does not require any external devices to operate.

How FIMER PowerGain 
maximizes your energy production 

Power Gain Energy Bites

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Lower investment, maximized ROI and more energy with FIMER PowerGain

Built-in any FIMER string inverter model and size to meet the needs of any solar installation 

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