FIMER’s next generation central inverter with unique cooling capabilities available for US

AUGUST 3, 2020

As one of the largest solar inverter suppliers in the world, FIMER expands their inverter portfolio for the US market. The next generation PVS980-58 delivers high-power capabilities with 1500V for EPCs, developers and end users. 

The PVS980-58 enables also one of the highest DC/AC ratios up to 2.0, with power levels up to 5,000kVA at 690VAC. It features a unique hybrid cooling concept based on two-phase thermosiphon (patented) and forced air-cooling technology to provide high efficiency and low auxiliary power losses. The central inverter creates optimum performance and high uptime to the grid, while improved lifetime and reliability are guaranteed as stress on components is reduced through effective cooling and automatic fan speed control.

Underlining FIMER’s portfolio of pioneering solar solutions, the UL certified inverter is available to order now for delivery in fourth quarter of 2020. 

“It is exciting to offer our next generation technology to our customers in this market who seek out a higher-power inverter.” said Eduardo Casilda, Country Manager in the United States. “Drawing on unrivalled expertise gained over 50 years in the industrial power conversion, FIMER is proud to have developed one of the most efficient, sustainable and cost-effective central inverters available. The unique approach to inverter design and technology ensure that PVS980-58 delivers high performance, increased uptime and long lifetime with reduced maintenance for large PV power plants of the future.”

This advanced inverter can also be delivered as an integrated solution of a plug and play compact skid PVS980-CS-US. The new solution houses all electrical equipment needed to rapidly and effortlessly connect the solar plant to any medium-voltage (MV) grid in the world.

Further features of the PVS980-58 include:

  • High performing inverter output power giving more than double output, compared to previous generation models to achieve one of the industry’s highest power rated inverters as a part of a highly compact plug and play power block.
  • Dual layer galvanized steel and aluminum enclosure and corrosion resistive frame to protect internal components over the lifetime of the inverter, even in direct sunlight. It also offers excellent protection against high wind and is arc proofed.
  • Inverter is sand dust tested and has high ingress protection of IP55 and UL Type 3R, including particulate filtering and environmental options for use in extreme locations.
  • It delivers a sustainable and ecological solution converting direct current into high quality and CO2 free alternating current, while increased power density reduces the amount of waste by up to 36 percent during the lifecycle of the PV system. Due to its long design lifetime, further environmental advantages are gained as fewer component changes are required, thereby reducing the number of raw materials used and presenting a sustainable option.
  • Single low-voltage (LV) winding connection to transformer in 5 MW power block level, delivering savings on MV side BOS costs.

For more information, please contact: 

Mario Thomas