The FLEXA AC Station line design is based on solidity, functionality and maintainability, in compliance with the international standard IEC 61851-1.

It is a charging point able to charge up to two electric vehicles in alternating current, each up to 22kW, and it can be configured in different ways.

  • "Island mode" (stand-alone), where the charging point provides the maximum power required by the vehicle, according to the recharge, protection and network conditions.  
  • "Local control mode", where the charging station is equipped with a local recognition system which decides whether to allow individual charging or not, in order to efficiently manage every aspect of security and authorizations in a non-invasive way.
  • "Networked mode", where the charging point is intelligently connected to a centralized system through an internet connection, through which it is possible to manage the authorizations, the accounting, the permits and payments of energy.

The FLEXA AC Station line is made of durable materials, designed to withstand any weather condition of an outdoor installation and to ensure an extremely simple use both for the user and for the maintainer. Indeed, the electronic control devices are accessible separately from the power parts, with great advantages in terms of safety and robustness.