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PVS980-58 2MVA

The PVS980-58 inverter is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways of converting the direct current (DC) generated by solar modules into high quality and CO2-free alternating current (AC) that can be fed into the power distribution network.

From 1818 to 2300 kVA

Like other FIMER central inverters, the PVS980-58 has been developed on the basis of decades of experience in the industry and proven technology platform.

PVS980-58 central inverter is available from 1818 kVA up to 2300 kVA, and are optimized for cost-effective, multi-megawatt power plants.

The high DC input voltage, high efficiency, proven components, compact and modular design and a host of life cycle services ensure FIMER PVS980-58 central inverters provide a rapid return on investment.


Compact and modular design
The industrial design and modular platform provide a wide range of options: remote monitoring, fieldbus connection and flexible DC input connections
Versatile design for large-scale PV plants
Versatile design for large-scale PV plants
Equipped with extensive electrical and mechanical protection, the inverters are engineered to provide a long and reliable service life of at least 25 years
Advanced grid support features
Advanced grid support features
Active and reactive power output can be controlled by an external control system or automatically by the inverter. All grid support functions are parameterized

PVS980-58 2MVA Central inverter


Product Highlights

  • High total performance
  • Outstanding endurance for outdoor use
  • Compact, modular product design
  • High DC input voltage up to 1500 VDC
  • Extensive DC and AC side protection
  • Self-contained cooling system with high efficiency
  • Versatile design for large-scale PV plants to minimize system costs
  • Complete range of industrial data communication options, including remote monitoring
  • Life cycle service and support through FIMER’s extensive global service network solar inverters

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