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FIMER bidirectional converter, PVS980-58BC, is aimed at large-scale grid connected energy storage applications.
The converters are available from 1454 kVA up to 2091 kVA.

PVS980-58BC bidirectional converter is based on the world’s leading converter platform used also in FIMER solar inverters ensuring high performance, reliability and availability of global service support.

FIMER PVS980-58BC bidirectional converters are ideal for multi-megawatt energy storage systems, providing maximum grid stability for power plants with intermittent energy sources.

The high DC input voltage, high efficiency, proven components, compact and modular design and a host of life cycle services available ensure FIMER PVS980-58BC bidirectional converters provide a rapid return on investment.


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Product Highlights

  • High total performance
  • Outstanding endurance for outdoor use
  • Full four quadrant active power and reactive power support
  • High DC input voltage up to 1500 VDC for minimizing system cost
  • Self-contained cooling system suitable for harsh environments
  • Compact, modular product design
  • Life cycle service and support through FIMER’s extensive global service network

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