Turnkey Stations



The PVS-100/120-MVCS is an integrated product specifically engineered for decentralized solar plants realized with FIMER PVS-100/120 string inverters. The solution allows to connect up to 26 inverters for a maximum power of 3.1 MVA.

The MVCS includes an optimized MV oil-immersed transformer, MV gas-insulated switchgear, all necessary LV protections and connections to attach the solar array and a set of available auxiliary services with independent auxiliary power.

Components are part of FIMER's portfolio, ensuring the highest standards of quality, performance and durability.


  • Designed for decentralized systems based on the 1000 Vdc string inverters PVS-100/120-TL
  • Integrated low voltage distribution panel for a simplified and cost optimized Balance of System (BoS) without the need of additional recombiners
  • Quick individual isolation of each feeder, even on-load, for easy and cost-effective maintenance, ensuring maximum uptime
  • Individually-protected feeders, enabling separate inverters to be serviced without disrupting the rest of the units connected to the same cluster
  • Optimized and very compact layout for integration of all components necessary for medium voltage connection
  • Standardized shipping dimensions ensure reduced logistic costs
  • Made in Europe product, compatible with most of the world-wide structural regulations and standards
  • Vertically integrated product from FIMER, guaranteed by FIMER