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Total Tools, a leading Australian franchise known for providing top-quality tools and equipment to its customers, has recently opened a newly constructed store in Coomera, Queensland and has installed a 78kW solar system to reduce its operating costs and carbon footprint.

Total Tools selected Meridien Energy to help them design a solution for their needs. Meridien Energy, a division of the Meridien Group, is a leading renewable energy specialist based in Queensland, Australia. Meridien Energy collaborates with builders and developers constructing new residential and commercial properties by ensuring they incorporate efficient solar systems that maximise their solar potential by designing, installing, and commissioning reliable solar solutions that guarantee quality and long-term performance for property owners. 

Meridien Energy designed, installed, and commissioned a 78kW solar system that features:

  • 144 x Astronergy Astro 5 Semi CHSM72M-HC-545 solar panels 
  • 2 x FIMER PVS-30 three-phase string inverter

 FIMER's PVS-10/33 is an Italian-made three-phase string inverter that comes in six power sizes, including 10kW, 12.5kW, 15kW, 20kW, 30kW and 33kW and is an ideal solution for large residential and commercial and industrial applications.

The PVS-30 offers reliability, performance, and flexibility with high DC/AC power oversizing capability, 4 MPPTs, a maximum string input voltage of 1,100V and single-string monitoring. 

It has been designed to be compact and easy to install. The PVS-10/33 is fuse-free, which further saves on maintenance costs, keeping on-site interventions to a minimum. 

Corey Nash, Operations Manager of Meridien Energy, said, "We pride ourselves on designing and delivering solutions that meet our client's objectives. We knew the best way forward for this project was choosing a FIMER inverter. The quality and performance of FIMER's products, their great local support, and their monitoring solution were the main reasons to choose FIMER for this project." 

The 78kW solar solution is integrated into FIMER's advanced Aurora Vision platform to effectively monitor and manage the system. FIMER's Plant Portfolio Manager allows Meridien Energy to view, generate customised performance reports, configure event profiles, and effectively administer the system, while FIMER's EnergyViewer mobile app allows end-users like Total Tools to access their real-time production and consumption data from anywhere across the globe.

Annually, Total Tools' solar energy system is anticipated to achieve remarkable results, generating around 129MWh of clean and sustainable energy. This demonstrates their commitment to environmental responsibility and contributes significantly to a reduction of approximately 91 tonnes of carbon emissions. Beyond the ecological advantages, this solar investment translates into substantial financial savings, estimated at roughly $20,000 (AUD) per year. Total Tools' forward-thinking approach aligns with its eco-conscious values and highlights the economic viability and long-term benefits of solar on commercial properties.

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FIMER & Total Tools Solar Case Study
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